Content Marketing Measurement Webinar for SpinSucks

UPDATE: This webinar has been postponed by SpinSucks to September. Please contact me if you want more information.

In July, I’m giving a webinar for SpinSucks based on the content from my measurement session at our sold out Chicago workshop, Content Jam: The Secrets of Content Marketing.

SpinSucks website

The presentation offers a high level overview for defining the information you should capture to monitor content marketing efforts and draw actionable insights from the data to improve performance. In plain English, it’ll help you figure out if your content marketing efforts are paying off (and put you on the right path for what to do about it if they’re not).

Here’s a quick video that outlines what to expect:

I recently wrote a Spin Sucks post on tracking content performance across domains using Google Analytics. This webinar also offers a case study on how Climate Ride, a national nonprofit I work with, did exactly that with their new website.

A recap of the Content Jam presentation with embedded slides can be found on the Mightybytes blog post Content Marketing Measurement: Some Content Jam Take-Aways.

For more information, hit me up on the contact page here or check the SpinSucks website.